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Tripp and Whitney's Big Day!! Trailer #1 

AWESOME!! Awesome! Awesome!! Did I say awesome!? I had a BALL getting to know my Bride & Groom!! Their families and friends and I TRIED TO WARN THEM!! I was NOT COMING TO LAKE BLACKSHEAR TO BE CUTE!! I was COMING TO PARTY!! And to be READY TO PARTY!!! With THA MAN!! Tha PARTY-MAN!

Thanx so much Judith for hooking us up!! I TOLD YOU...... I had 'em!!! 

Anita Ponder And Friends 19th Annual Feast For All 

I PERSONALLY Want to think every VOLUNTEER, EVERY DONOR, EVERYONE THAT SHOWED LOVE AND KINDNESS, Anita Ponder who started this event 19 years ago and for the past 3 years I've seen it grow!!! Shouts out to YOU!! Trust me!!! It's some PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO REALLY APPRECIATE IT!! May God bless you!! 




Tha Party-Man :-)

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